Park Hyatt Aviara and Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation

Batiquitos Lagoon.jpg

10,000 years ago native people, the Kumeyaay, lived along the shores of the Batiquitos lagoon.  Birds filled the air, fish swam in the warm ocean waters and animals were bountiful.  Then the roads were built, the hills were developed, people crowded the beaches, the lagoon became stagnant and filled with trash. 

A group of concerned citizens came forward, The Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation was formally formed January 7, 1983 as a 501(C)(3) non-profit public benefits corporation, the lagoon was dredged and opened to the Pacific Ocean, the birds and fish and wildlife returned.  Protected nesting sites were built, endangered least terns returned and laid their eggs, and babies are born every spring. 

The BLF non-profit all volunteer organization now is a steward to Preserve, Protect, and Enhance the Batiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve, the Batiquitos Lagoon Marine Life Conservation Area, and its’ associated watershed now and for future generations to come.  This is truly a north San Diego County treasure for all to enjoy!

A representative of the team at Park Hyatt – Aviara Resort, Spa and Golf Club, Carlsbad, CA has served on the board of directors as an officer since almost its’ inception and has been an active partner and steward for the Batiquitos Lagoon Ecological Reserve and associated watershed.  Park Hyatt Aviara provides equipment and volunteer support for many of their activities, especially for their restoration and trail maintenance activities throughout the year.

The Hyatt Community Grant will be used for: trail restoration and maintenance; providing resources to assist in correcting some public safety trail issues along the lagoon’s North Shore Trail; and helping us improve the educational experience for our many trail users, including Park Hyatt – Aviara hotel guests.

To learn more about the Batiquitos Lagoon Foundation (BLF), visit their website here.