Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile and Fondation Esperance Banlieues

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The Cours Antoine de Saint Exupery (CASE) is one of the eleven schools of the Fondation Esperances Banlieues, a French Educational Nonprofit Organization. This school, created two years ago, welcomes children with academic issues coming from sensitive areas of Paris: the school is settled in Asnières-sur-Seine, a suburb with a multicultural population, and real issues with building a community. Last september, the CASE openened its doors to 104 students from “CP” to “4ème” (First Grade to 8th grade), from different cultures and backgrounds. They are given a high-quality education in a safe and respectful place. The Cours Antoine de Saint-Exupéry invites the students to excel academically, to embrace diversity, French culture and values. It also encourages them to discover their talents, to be self confident and to achieve in life.  

The school is not part of the French public system, so the financing is based on the parent’s participation but most of all, on the generosity of donators. This independence gives the CASE the possibility of choosing its educative team. The teachers coming from the Education National or just graduated from some of the best French universities are dedicated and enthusiastic, working with many volunteers: Hyatt colleagues who would like to volunteer could be of a great help at lunch time or for study halls. They could also help the school with communication or fundraising.

Hyatt Regency Paris Étoile is a new partner of Fondation Esperance Banlieues and supports them with organizing activities for the students to learn about hotels and career opportunities in the hospitality industry.

The Hyatt Community Grant will be used for financing the scholarship of new students: the next step will be the opening of a new class of 3ème in September 2018, Hyatt will directly support the Cours Antoine Saint-Exupéry to accomplish this project.

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