Hyatt Regency New Orleans and Dibia Dream Inc.


Dibia DREAM uses STEM and sports as a vehicle to engage underserved youth in Miami and New Orleans, improving their educational opportunities, and long-term quality of life. Launched in 2013, Dibia DREAM impacts our communities through our flagship after-school enrichment program DREAM Academy, DREAM Scholar our scholarship program, summer enrichment camps, STEM and Sports clinics, and international leadership travel.

DREAM Academy is a blended, STEM-based after-school program with a culturally competent curriculum that provides homework assistance, models positive behaviors and improves student achievement in reading, writing, math, and science. Dibia DREAM has reached over 5,000 at-risk youth in Miami, New Orleans and Bermuda through its STEM and sports-based life skills development programs.

With the generous support of Hyatt B.L.A.C.K from Hyatt Regency New Orleans, DREAM launched its pilot program “Carrying Dreams Home Initiative” in April 2017. The Carrying Dreams Home Initiative brought awareness to food insecurity and the adverse effects of child hunger, combated economic conditions that impact minority youth health while accelerating health equity by providing families assistance with meals at home. DREAM partnered with Hyatt Regency New Orleans to ensure students in the DREAM Academy had access to healthy food during the weekend with DREAMPaks. DREAMPaks contained healthy, non-perishable snacks, which ensured scholars stayed nourished over the weekend, so they could be energized and ready to learn on Monday morning. 

Dibia DREAM will serve approximately 3,000 students this year through our overall programming, and 500 through DREAM Academy. The Hyatt Community Grant will directly support our work in New Orleans.  Funds will be used to enhance STEM and art programming while adding additional programming to assist in literacy and academic proficiency.  The grant will also provide assistance to families of DREAM scholars as we continue to combat food insecurity in New Orleans.

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