Hyatt Regency Mumbai and Sundara Charitable Trust

Tribal School Girls using the Sundara Soap.jpg

Sundara’s stated mission is to reduce preventable hygiene related diseases and deaths in vulnerable populations (especially children and women) through sustainable solutions that involve female empowerment, local involvement and intensive hygiene education.

In the last year alone Sundara has recycled over 4,000 kilograms of used bar soap from 5 star hotels in Mumbai and have distributed over 35,000 bars of recycled soap to children in slums and tribal village schools. Many children now report fewer issues with their hands pertaining to dry skin, itching, rashes and as well a reduction in stomach related diseases pertaining to dysentery, diarrhea etc.  Over 18 women have received gainful employment with Sundara.

Hyatt Regency Mumbai has been associated with Sundara Foundation for over 2.5 years. Each month Hyatt Regency Mumbai donates approximately 60-70 kg of used soap to Sundara Foundation. Sundara then recycles the soaps and make it available to those who cannot afford it, all the while giving economic opportunity to unemployed women.  Through the donations, there has been an increased rate of hand washing in all the communities they work in. During the first year of the partnership with Sundara, Hyatt Regency Mumbai is the hotel with the highest soap donation in the city.

The Hyatt Community Grant will expand their reach through better logistics, implementation and operations of collecting soaps with Hyatt hotels in India, thereby increasing the quantity of soap collection and health protection to children. With this effort, Sundara plans to target at least 50,000 children annually.

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