Grand Hyatt Lijiang and Lijiang Bai Nian Vocational School

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BN Vocational School (BNVS) is China's first tuition-free, non-profit charitable vocational school at the senior secondary level.

To provide education and employment opportunities for local low-income young people, Bai Nian Vocational School free of charge for poor students to provide clothing, food, dormitory, transportation and tuition fees, do not charge to all of students.  At the same time Bai Nian Vocational School free of charge to provide all the items to the local orphanage students. BNVS improves life by providing vocational education opportunities to poor young people, and to enable them to become better able to meet the community and the countries current and future labor needs of skilled talents.

The guiding principle of BNVS is to provide employment oriented training to students with courses designed based on market demand. It invites businesses to participate in, even company leader the teaching. Education is more than learning technical skills. At BNVS, students are taught the morals that will help them succeed in life and integrate into society and job.

The Grand Hyatt Lijiang has been partnering with Bai Nian Vocational School in the past year to provide learning materials and books for students of the Bai Nian Vocational School and to provided courses to help students understand the hotel industry and how to adapt to today's workplace environment and develop better in the future.

The Hyatt Community Grant will be used to books, learning tools, uniforms for Bai Nian Vocational School students.

For more information about Lijiang Bai Nian Vocational School, visit HERE.