Grand Hyatt Incheon and PineTree Home

PineTree Orphanage.JPG

Pinetree home was established in 1953 to protect and nurture children who lost their parents due to the Korean War. Currently, it serves as a home for safe protection of at-risk children and endangered children from child-abuse, neglect and abandonment by parents and others. Children in Pinetree home are also living in a small residential unit as a small group of residential life, Children are growing into a healthy member of society by having professional services, such as after-school classes, talent training programs, learning programs, cultural programs, emotional programs, and self-help programs.

The relationship began with the Grand Hyatt Incheon team sponsoring a child in 2016. Nowadays team members are offering regular support to our children by forming a one-to-one relationship with our children as a sponsor. Children are getting various help by the team providing emotional, cultural and self-subsidizing activities through sponsorship. The Grand Hyatt Incheon team gave warm gifts (cookies, chocolate, socks act.) to children at last Christmas, offered air purifier especially little children, and gave happiness and joy to children.

The Hyatt Community Grant will be used to provide professional treatment services (language therapy, art therapy, play therapy, and cognitive therapy) for children who have suffered from difficulties of development in eliminating delay caused by abuse and neglect. 

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