Grand Hyatt Hong Kong and Foodlink Foundation


Foodlink Foundation aims to ensure that people who are vulnerable to hunger have access to hot healthy meals. We collect safe-to-eat surplus food from over 100 F&B outlets in Hong Kong and deliver to those  in need through different beneficiary partners. The benefits are twofold — while reducing hunger we also reduce the pressure on our city's landfills.

Foodlink Foundation has been working with Grand Hyatt Hong Kong for more than 7 years.  Besides donating surplus food, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong has also participated in Foodlink’s community events, such as volunteering for community day, whereby the Chefs prepared food and other Grand Hyatt volunteers played games with the beneficiaries, all joined efforts to spend a happy and warm day with the underprivileged elderly.

Foodlink will use the Hyatt Community Grant to organize an education project. This project will be divided into two parts, the first part being educating the young generation and the second part for engaging the community.  Foodlink will work with universities to recruit teenagers who are passionate in helping to mitigate the food waste problem.  We will organize talks, a seminar and cooking workshop for these selected students.  These students will become ambassadors to promote reducing food wastage in the community through ‘love food, waste not’ initiatives.    

To learn more about Foodlink, click here.