Grand Hyatt Baha Mar- Beautillion Committee Gentlemen’s Club

Beautillion Gentlemens Club.JPG

The Gentlemen’s Club is a civic, non-profit organization established twenty-six years ago. The organization helps male students in the twelfth grade with positive self-development. Over the course of the fifteen-week program, the young men learn topics such as anger management, career planning, etiquette, financial planning, health, law and order, marketing, moral responsibility and personal relationships. To date, over one thousand young men have graduated from the program.

Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, a recently opened Hyatt hotel, has been supporting Beautillion prior to the grand opening and throughout this year. Mr. Lamon Stubbs, Assistant Director of Finance at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is the current director of the program.  Additionally, we have a few young men who have completed the program and are now employees of Grand Hyatt Baha Mar.

The Gentlemen’s Club has a scholarship program aimed at assisting current members to attend university. With this initiative, we invite each young man to solicit various companies for advertisements from which they receive a 45 percent sales commission. Our aim is to assist each young man to achieve some type of financial assistance.

Beautillion Committee Gentlemen's Club will use the Hyatt Community Grant to scholarship for one high school graduate that attends the University of The Bahamas.  This will increase the number of young men we can help to continue their education and contribute to a better society.