Cranwell Spa & Resort- Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center

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 The Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center is a multi-service organization and home to Girls Inc. of the Berkshires. We work to empower children and youth, with an emphasis on girls, to become responsible, confident and personally fulfilled individuals. 

An affiliate of Girls Inc., we provide gender-focused programming developed by the national organization to empower girls to become strong, smart and bold. The launch of Girls Inc. Eureka! has long been a goal of the Center and will become a reality in 2018! 

A multi-year program, Eureka! encourages girls ages 12 to 18 to explore and pursue careers in science, technology and mathematics. The program helps girls envision possibilities and has been shown to be an ideal program for reaching girls who may face challenges to staying in school, much less consider career development activities. The program provides hands-on opportunities for guided exploration, skill and knowledge building. Eureka! begins with a summer camp experience and continues throughout the school-year for field trips and hands-on activities. The third summer is devoted to paid internships allowing girls to put all they have learned into action. 

Through the partnership with Cranwell Spa & Resort, girls will participate in health and wellness activities, a component of the Eureka! program; field trips will take place during the school year so girls can discover how STEM is a part of careers at the resort – the chef’s use of math and chemistry to develop recipes; an esthetician’s understanding of science, anatomy and physiology as they give facials; the knowledge used in the IT department. Such field trips to Cranwell Spa & Golf Resort, which Hyatt acquired as part of Miraval Group in January 2017, are just part of the program.  This exposure will help girls make the connection between the experiences they have as they participate in the program and their school classes to a future of post-secondary education and a fulfilling career. 

To learn more about Girls Inc. of the Berkshires Eureka! Visit here