Thrive Youth Center, Inc. & Hyatt Regency Hill County Resort & Spa

Thrive Youth Center (Thrive), was established to provide a safe, effective, and supportive center for homeless LGBTQ youth, so they may become productive, skilled, educated, and successful adults with the ability, opportunity, and possibility of achieving their dreams.

As of December 31, 2015, Thrive has assisted more than 100 members on and off of Haven for Hope’s campus. Assistance comes in a variety of forms, including: obtaining important documents, support in getting a GED, group and individual counseling, life skills, and all aspects associated with obtaining housing. Thrive Youth Center helps transgender residents start Hormone Replacement Therapy and get legal name and gender marker changes. In addition, Thrive’s Program Manager is on hand to mentor and advocate for our young adults, as well as create individually tailored plans to help these individuals move forward. All services are aimed at improving the lives of the LGBTQ community and combating the epidemic of LGBTQ youth on the streets.

The team at Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa has partnered with Thrive Youth Center over the past year by providing decorations, spirit, and desserts to Thrive's residents during the Holiday season, keeping them informed about potential job openings for their residents, and raising money for the center.

The Hyatt Community Grant will be used to provide life skills sessions and courses to our residents to support them in their journey towards exiting homelessness.

To learn more about Thrive Youth Center, click here.