Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV) & Park Hyatt Istanbul- Macka Palas

Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer provides psychological support and proper treatment in child psychology, which is an important necessity in the fight against cancer, by maintaining continuity of the treatment of children who have the risk of disruption in their treatment.

The Family Home opened in 2012 to provide free accommodation to the families during their treatment, which come to Istanbul for treatment from outside the city. Cancer patients and their families, who get treatment at all public and university hospitals in Istanbul, can stay at the Family Home free of charge, which financially depends on donations.

Childhood cancer treatment is a long term process. The treatment has some specific periods which continue with some breaks. Due to the health migration, families are dealing not only with the treatment problems but also accommodation and psycho-social support needs. Families, who come to Istanbul from other cities and have financial problems, have difficulties with finding a hygienic life area, which is necessary, specifically after the bone transfer period. Family Home is providing a hygienic place for accommodation, feeding, bath, security services for 24 hours. KAÇUV has also 3 phsychologists doing therapy in Family Home with children and families under the phsychological support program.  Family Home not only supports children’s treatment to be in suitable environment but also keeps families together in this hard process.

The team at Park Hyatt Istanbul- Macka Palas participated in corporate volunteering activities of KAÇUV and conducted education-based activities with children with cancer as well as contributed to children's cognitive development.

With the grant, we will be able to provide accommodation, food and psychosocial support to children with cancer and their parents in Family Home.

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