Fundación Piedad & Hyatt Place San Jose PinareS

Fundación PIEDAD is a non-profit educational organization with a social focus which transforms the lives of children and youth living in sectors of the population that are marked by high indexes of vulnerability and social risk. PIEDAD schools provide students who are born into poverty with a values-based quality education that teaches them to dream big and reach high. Students are given the tools needed to pull themselves out of the trap of poverty and fulfill their potential.

The team at Hyatt Place in Pinares has partnered with Fundación PIEDAD for the last three years. It started when we housed visiting volunteer teams at the Hyatt Place. The Hyatt team collaborated with the Linda Vista PIEDAD school by transforming a storage room into a library filled with natural light and books to promote reading among the students. Hyatt Place Pinares have hosted parties for the kids and encouraged the school choir. 

The Hyatt Community Grant will be used to expand the music program - including band and choir and develop an arts program in the PIEDAD school in Linda Vista. The funds will allow additional teachers to be hired and musical instruments to be purchased. Supplies needed to provide an adequate arts program will now be available to the students. The students in this school love to express their creativity!  The funds will allow children who have been born into poverty to explore music and arts and give them the opportunity to develop their talents. 

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