NuevaLife & Hyatt of Latin America & Caribbean Regional Office

Nuevalife is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of communities in extreme poverty throughout Latin America through international community development. NuevaLife’s goal is to bring families the opportunity to receive better education and life skills support by providing them with basic needs such as nutrition, shelter, clothing and health. Nuevalife dedicates it’s fundraising within the U.S. to financially support their projects related to their mission within Latin America.

As part of our commitment to doing our part to support the communities we serve in our region, the Hyatt Regional Office for hotels in Latin America & the Caribbean (LAC) in Coral Gables, Florida found a great partnership with NuevaLife.  After two years of partnership, the LAC Regional office has raised funds and participated in various projects, such as, 5K Run/Walk that aims in bringing nutrition to different regions in Colombia. We have also hosted a Miami community food drive with participation from our hotels in Miami to collect food for families in need.

Future projects include the LAC Regional office alongside with Hyatt Regency Cartagena, building even greater awareness of Nuevalife’s impact by collaborating with this organization and a local community in Colombia in the making of handmade bags for our guest rooms. The proceeds of these handbags will be invested back into the various communities that made them, thus providing the community with another source of income and employment.

The Hyatt Community Grant will be used for making a sustainable difference in the lives of people by building water wells in, Colombia, which is only a 2.5-hour drive from our first Hyatt hotel in Colombia. Creating a portable water system would drastically improve this community’s living conditions. After completion of the water project NuevaLife has even greater aspirations to assemble a team of agriculture experts to learn more about how particular regions cultivate their crops and use this intel to grow resources for this community.

To learn more about NuevaLife, click here.