Nirdosh & Hyatt Regency Ludhiana

Nirdosh is an institute exclusively for children with intellectual disabilities. It is a realization of a dream and vision of a handful of ladies belonging to the Inner Wheel Club of Ludhiana. There being no school for such children in the city and recognizing its dire need it was started on Oct. 2nd 1978. It has been in existence and creating a lot of significance in the lives of all the special children ever since. The motto of Nirdosh School lives by is “To put a smile in each special kid’s face”. Not only has the school focused on developing and taking special care of the children it has also focused on rehabilitating the children back in the society while giving them their rightful place in the annals of society

Hyatt Regency Ludhiana is honored to award a grant to Nirdosh which will help them in buying Medical Advancement supplies like muscle strengthen machines, Hearing Aids, Speech therapy aids machines and also procuring equipment to establish a small scale spices manufacturing and distribution business within the school compound.

Hyatt Regency Ludhiana colleagues have celebrated and planned multiple festival programs for them like Christmas, Children Day celebration and hotel anniversary celebration. We have always looked forward in spending quality time with the children and bough the handicrafts designed by them within their school whenever we had a chance. Hyatt Regency Ludhiana had even taken two special children and provided them with vocational training in the housekeeping operations of the hotel.

This Grant will majorly help them in becoming self-reliant in establishing a small scale business exclusively run and managed by the Special children and associates of the Hyatt regency Ludhiana will consistently help them in their endeavor to harness, develop and grow their business to the next level. To Learn more about Nirdosh Click Here.