Initiative for the Child & Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki

Initiative for the Child looks after and protects children in need and in danger: orphans, neglected, abused, abandoned children from dysfunctional families. These children experience neglect, psychological and physical abuse, marginalization and dismissal within and outside their families, in school and in community. Our mission is to help rescue these children and help them become whole, useful and decent people to the society. 

Our Association hosts and looks after children in two units, one that functions daily (Day Care Center) and one residential care unit (Vergina) and also tries to help the families of these children to cope and become able again to take care of their children.

 We help other children, parents and vulnerable people that suffer from poverty and interfamilial violence. We provide counseling services (Counseling Center) to anyone in need, we educate the general population in subjects of social interest and we train volunteers through various actions (FRONT).

The team at Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki has partnered with our Association little less than a year ago and our ties are going to become more empowered through a grant program, with which Hyatt will cover expenses for technological equipment (computers), for furniture and provision of gifts for the children.

The Hyatt Community Grant will be used for the modification of the playground and also the provision and settlement of the equipment for a new unit in Vergina that will host boys above the age of 12, solving an existing problem that does not allow their living in the main house of Vergina for functional and spatial reasons. In the playground we aim to plant trees, decorating plants, vegetables, and fruits and to host pets for the children. The grant will improve the living conditions of all these children and will provide to them a safe and decent environment.