Emily Griffith Foundation & Grand Hyatt Denver

Emily Griffith Foundation is a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to support Emily Griffith Technical College. EGTC was founded 100 years ago in order to provide vocational education “for all who wish to learn.” That vision remains at the heart of the College's work today. Since 1916, the nearly two million students who have attended EGTC have entered and strengthened the middle class. EGTC offers GED preparation, the state’s largest English as a Second Language program (serving nearly 2,000 immigrants and refugees per year), and 27 certificate programs in careers including auto repair, welding, accounting, licensed practical nursing, advanced manufacturing and culinary arts. Through the work of the Emily Griffith Foundation, Emily Griffith students are guaranteed a debt-free education.

The team at Grand Hyatt Denver has partnered with Emily Griffith Foundation over the past year to provide in-kind support for many of our events and activities. In addition, the downtown Grand Hyatt offers employment to many of our students, and is an active, engaged partner in creating employment pipelines that lead to sustainable, progressive careers. 

Emily Griffith Foundation will use the Hyatt Community Grant to support its 360 Degree Fund, a program that provides wrap around support to our most vulnerable student populations. Students are able to access these funds to pay for food, household, medical, transportation and child care expenses that might otherwise prevent the student from completing their education. These funds also help increase program retention and completion rates and assist students in becoming self-sufficient, contributing members of their families and communities.

To learn more about Emily Griffith Foundation and Emily Griffith Technical College, please visit: www.egfoundation.org or www.emilygriffith.edu. You can also find us on Facebook (@EmilyGriffithFoundation) and Twitter (@EG_Foundation)