Children’s Cancer Center & Grand Hyatt of Tampa Bay

The Children’s Cancer Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving families of children who have cancer or chronic blood disorders with emotional, financial, and educational support necessary to cope with their life-threatening illness. The philosophy of our original founders was when a child is diagnosed, the entire family is really diagnosed. The Children’s Cancer Center was created to help alleviate the stress of coping with a child’s life-threatening illness. Therefore, our 24 programs and services address the needs of all family members affected.

The Children’s Cancer Center is a staff of seven, and serves over 1000 families every year. The 24 programs and special events would be impossible without the amazing team of hundreds of volunteers. Over the years, The Grand Hyatt of Tampa Bay has proven itself to be the most proactive, reliable, and consistent corporate group of volunteers the Children’s Cancer Center has grown to count on. We continue to reach out, time and again, only to have them come smiling through our doors.

Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay, for the past five years, has provided lunch for their children’s summer camp, adopted an entire family for their annual Holiday Adoption Program, and volunteer many hours as elves, as they provide for these precious families they serve. Where other corporate groups volunteer for an occasional event, Hyatt employees, have become family. They Grant Hyatt group are givers, clearly happy to serve. The relationship we’ve forged is priceless, and we are so grateful for their kind generosity and priceless support. 

The Hyatt Community Grant will be used for our SAIL (Student’s Achieving through Interactive Learning) Saturday program to conduct educational facilitated activities.  

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