William Tredway Junior P.S. and Park Hyatt Toronto

Park Hyatt Toronto will award a Hyatt Community Grant to William Tredway Jr. Public School, an elementary school in Toronto whose goal is to foster a sense of pride in their students, and provide a positive environment in which to learn and grow.

Through the support and generosity of Park Hyatt Toronto staff and vendors, The Holiday Luncheon to Remember has served a free meal to over 800 students for the past 3 years. In addition, Park Hyatt Toronto colleagues have hosted an annual clothing drive to support families during the cold winter months.

With this Hyatt Community Grant, William Tredway Jr. Public School will invest in equipment to support their existing nutrition programs and develop an even larger curriculum. Thanks to their partnership with Park Hyatt Toronto, they recognize the importance of food education and helping students make smart decisions that are both nutritious and delicious.

To learn more about William Tredway Jr. Public School, click here.