Verein Kinderheim Sunneblueme and Park Hyatt Zurich

Park Hyatt Zurich has partnered with “Verein Kinderheim Sunneblueme” for over 5 years. The “Verein Kinderheim Sunneblueme” offers a place of security for young children who live in socially challenged homes and who are constantly being exposed to straining circumstances.

Colleagues from Park Hyatt Zurich engage in bi-monthly activities with the Kinderheim Sunneblueme. Those include hiking trips, baking with the children and their caregivers at the hotel property and visiting the children at the daycare center. This year, a Christmas Wish Tree will also be placed in the hotel lobby where guests and colleagues may make the children’s Christmas wishes come true.

This Hyatt Community Grant will be used to renovate and alter the existing premises at the daycare center in order to create age-based niches where children can feel at ease and can be encouraged to develop in a healthy way.

To learn more about Verein Kinderheim Sunneblueme, click here.