Sacramento LGBT Community Center and Hyatt Regency Sacramento

For 10 years, Hyatt Regency Sacramento has supported The Sacramento LGBT Community Center, whose mission is to create events, programs, and pathways to services that help lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people feel welcome, needed and safe.

Hyatt Regency Sacramento has awarded The Sacramento LGBT Community Center a grant which will be put toward the Center’s Youth Program, particularly its drop-in center called the Q-Spot. The Q-Spot’s goal is to provide young people with a place where they can feel safe, welcome and affirmed for who they are, as well as access services and learn life skills that will help them make positive choices for their health and wellbeing.

The Youth Program also works closely with the Center’s Health Program to provide education in house via workshops and perform community outreach around LGBTQ specific mental, physical and sexual health for our at-risk and homeless youth. It will also partner with the Center’s Community Resources and Referral Program to provide access to housing, food, employment, transportation, medical, mental health and counseling, transgender support, faith and cultural centers, legal services, immigration and document assistance to our at-risk and homeless youth.

To learn more about The Sacramento LGBT Community Center, click here.