Refugee Services of Texas & The Driskill


Founded in 1978, Refugee Services of Texas (RST) is a social service agency dedicated to resettling and providing services to refugees and other displaced persons fleeing persecution based on race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, and/or political opinion. RST has successfully resettled more than 15,000 refugees since its inception. Through the agency’s home office in Dallas, RST provides services to refugees, asylees, and survivors of human trafficking from over thirty different countries of origin with service centers in Fort Worth, Austin, Amarillo, Dallas, and Houston. The majority of RST’s clientele come from Burma, Bhutan, Iraq, Cuba, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Eritrea, and Somalia.

The Driskill has a long-standing partnership with Refugee Services of Texas for eight years. The team at The Driskill hotel provide hospitality training sessions to refugees and regularly employs many of them at the hotel. The Driskill also provides space for the organization to host meetings, job fairs, provides donations and various other support throughout the partnership.

The Hyatt Community Grant will allow Refugee Services of Texas to establish a new digital literacy workshop in collaboration with another local nonprofit, Austin Free-Net. Refugee Services of Texas Austin will hire Austin Free-Net instructors to teach refugees the basics of using computers and navigating the internet, two crucial skills necessary to search for jobs electronically, complete applications online, and use computers confidently in the workplace. Many refugees have little to no experience with computers and the Internet, having spent many years living in refugee camps. The grant will enable RST to diminish the digital gap, provide refugees with a higher level of digital literacy, and position employers of refugees to secure an enhanced skill set of refugees that make even greater contributions to their places of employment.

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