Miriam's Kitchen and Park Hyatt Washington

Park Hyatt Washington will award a Hyatt Community Grant to Miriam’s Kitchen whose mission is to end chronic homelessness. Miriam’s Kitchen operates the only meals program in Washington, D.C. that is open, Monday through Friday, all year long, no matter the holiday or weather emergency.

In May 2013, Andrew Davidson, General Manager of Park Hyatt Washington, first walked into the MK kitchen as a volunteer. One month later, he brought his colleagues and today, they have been regular volunteers for the past two years. In addition to helping prepare meals, Park Hyatt Washington colleagues help Miriam’s Kitchen with food cost comparisons, donating auction items, and serving on a culinary and hospitality leadership council founded by Miriam’s Kitchen.

This Hyatt Community Grant will help Miriam’s Kitchen prepare and serve restaurant quality meals, support the essential services they provide to their homeless guests, fund the wrap around social services we provide to formerly homeless guests to help them remain in their new homes, and enable us to improve the homeless services system in the city.  

To learn more about Miriam’s Kitchen, click here.