Fundación Handisport Mallorca and Park Hyatt Mallorca

Park Hyatt Mallorca will award a Hyatt Community Grant to Fundación Hadisport Mallorca which aims to offer all people with disabilities the possibility of social integration by participating in adaptive sports and recreational activities. Since 2007, the organization has offered over 10,000 services for people with disabilities and their relatives through sport and leisure activities.

Though Park Hyatt Mallorca hotel is quite new and under construction, our colleagues here have volunteered in the in the foundation’s activities including an excursion to Finca Galatzo by way of Superfour vehicles (an eco friendly electric 4x4 wheelchair which allows people with reduced mobility to go into difficult terrain).

This Hyatt Community Grant will allow handisport users to explore the ocean depths with special training and custom built diving equipment.

We cannot wait to see their faces when they dive for the first time and in many ways, are free to move three dimensionally for the first time in their lives!

To learn more about Fundación Handisport Mallorca, click here.