Stars Youth Development Center & Grand Hyatt Shenzhen

Stars Youth Development Center’s mission is to improve the reading quality for children in rural areas in China by setting up libraries and providing reading programs and activities. From September 2014 to June 2015, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen has participated in 4 reading experience days with our rural children, spending a wonderful reading time.

With the Hyatt Community Grant, Stars Youth Development Center in China will help provide a small amount of funding to support teachers in rural areas to deliver in-class or school-wide reading promotion activities and courses, and set open bookshelves in corridors and in classrooms. Regular reading activities provided by the teachers will help continuously stimulate reading interest and develop love for books among the children. Open bookshelves make the most of established school libraries by improving book circulation and usage, which will meet the students’ needs for books in school as well as develop their interest in reading.

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