St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance & Hyatt Regency Phoenix

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance and Hyatt Regency Phoenix have partnered for many years to benefit their local community. Through activities including the Hyatt Regency Pack & Sort activities where Hyatt and other volunteers come on-site to sort through donated food and then pack it into Emergency Food Boxes that are distributed to low-income Arizonans in a crisis situation.  Our colleagues at Hyatt Regency Phoenix have organized food drives to benefit St. Mary’s and put hours of their time into sorting food and packing boxes at the hotel facilities.

With the Hyatt Community Grant, St. Mary’s will use the funds for its Emergency Food Box (EFB) Program, which assists families who are experiencing a crisis, such as a fire, flood, sudden job loss or other situation by providing them with an EFB. Each EFB contains a three-day supply of nutritionally well-balanced food, including fresh, refrigerated and frozen products. The provision of EFBs help ensure that people who are trying to find a new job, are dealing with insurance companies to have their house repaired or rebuilt, and are dealing with other urgent situations have the food they need to prepare meals, maintain their health during the crisis, and have reduced stress by not having to worry about where their next meal will come from.

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