Méditerranée 2000 & Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez

Méditerranée 2000 has been a partner of Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez since 2011. Méditerranée 2000 is focused on the promotion of environmental education of young people, information and education of the public on sustainable development.

Together, over the past 5 years, Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez & Méditerranée 2000 have developed a strong partnership in an effort to build a stronger focus on environmental commitment through in-hotel training sessions focused on how to make smarter decisions at work and at home about water conservation, energy and food.

In addition to colleague training, the hotel has developed activities for their younger guests in the Kid's Club during summertime, including crafts using recycled materials and playing games that educate the children about Mediterranean biodiversity.

With the Hyatt Community Grant, together Grand Hyatt Cannes and Méditerranée 2000 will create a booklet of “Responsible Tourism” offering advice for how to have a wonderful trip, while preserving the environment through simple acts within the hotel, on the beach and in the city. This booklet will also serve as a basis for employee training with chapters focused on water, saving energy, biodiversity, Cannes heritage, activities having the least impact on the environment, organic and local vendors and more.

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